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Manufacturing – Our #1 Served Industry

Manufacturers are searching for new, creative ways to address the growing demands of global manufacturing. Not only they are required to lean on the product manufacturing, they also have to go lean on internal IT. They want the latest tools and technologies to boost performance from their operations, suppliers, partners, distributors, and extended ecosystem, and they need global views for better visibility—both internally and across the extended supply chain. In addition, operations must move information more effectively to gain real-time insight into manufacturing shop floor status.

Whether it’s inside the plant or outside the traditional factory walls, manufacturers are searching for service solution leaders like 6e Technologies to help them produce more for less, lower their total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve their return on investment (ROI).

Why partner with 6e Technologies, leader in IT Service Solutions?

By partnering with 6e Technologies, our dedicated team can manage any part of your IT layer stack, from enterprise to start up environments. Our services go beyond traditional development and maintenance—we help your organization achieve high performance by implementing and integrating using the latest methodologies. 6e Technologies allows organizations to dramatically lower costs, maximize productivity and uptime. It’s our mission to help you free up your important resources, so that they can concentrate on your mission.

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