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The telecommunications industry are facing the growing demands, where Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face declining voice revenues, excessive competition from new types of service providers, and rising demand for integrated telephony, mobile communications, TV and internet services. Ensuring a robust revenue stream requires CSPs to simplify operational processes, integrate existing technologies, and improve productivity while reducing costs.

Customers demand consistency—online, on the go, and in the store. Unfortunately, many applications and systems are too rigid and disjointed to adapt to these demands. For example, if your systems for capturing and fulfilling orders aren’t integrated across channels and systems, and if the associated business processes can’t access up-to-the-second data about each customer’s history, then you will most likely experience revenue leakage from purchase abandonment midway through the sales cycle. This is where our team’s expertise can be utilized, we are integration and interface specialists and will have your organization build non-disruptive IT processes using our automation methods.

Why partner with 6e Technologies, leader in IT Service Solutions?

By partnering with 6e Technologies, our dedicated team can manage any part of your IT layer stack, from enterprise to start up environments. Our services go beyond traditional development and maintenance—we help your organization achieve high performance by implementing and integrating using the latest methodologies. 6e Technologies allows organizations to dramatically lower costs, maximize productivity and uptime. It’s our mission to help you free up your resources, so you can concentrate on your mission.

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