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Move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Cloud ERP provides one complete solution for PeopleSoft customers, empowering finance with the flexibility and innovation needed to rapidly adapt to change.

Why move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud ERP?

PeopleSoft has been a reliable ERP solution for your business, likely for many years. Today, many PeopleSoft customers are considering a move to a more modern solution. Oracle is helping PeopleSoft customers build on their ERP success and achieve even greater results by moving to Oracle Cloud ERP with:

  • One comprehensive solution for your enterprise to optimize business operations, increase performance, and exceed expectations
  • A modern cloud solution that stays current with quarterly updates delivered automatically
  • Built-in intelligence for smarter work using the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and prescriptive analytics
  • Powerful configuration and automation tools to simplify processes, automate functions, and eliminate errors

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