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Human Capital - Technical Staffing

Technical IT Staffing Services

6e Technologies has been placing highly specialized skilled technologist around the globe for more than a decade. We have worked with companies and agencies all the way from Europe and right in our back door in Colorado, USA. We understand many companies obligation to employ local expertise where possible. To meet the technical staffing demands of complex projects, legacy data conversion, Oracle workloads, SOA, Cloud, Middleware, and Integration Services the companies we support look to us to continual feed their needs for experienced technical specialists.

Many times, project success depends on having the right personnel with the right skills in the right place at the right time. We bring an in depth understanding of the Technical IT job market, with access to a comprehensive database of contacts, the capacity to conduct a global search, as well as the ability to make the most of resourcing to local candidates.

Advantages of Selecting 6e Technologies for Technical IT Staffing:

  • Our ability to bring you exceptional IT candidates that cannot be found through other resources
  • Global reach
  • Dedication to our staff by constantly improving their technical knowledge and experience
  • Budget friendly
  • Quick results
  • In-house technical experts who can efficiently assess candidate capabilities
  • Save you time and money by reducing recruitment time and expenses
  • Ability to match candidates to your unique technology requirements and culture

Are you looking for highly qualified candidates to meet your difficult IT environment within a budget?  Reach out to us for a discovery call on how we can help you fill your positions!

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