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Self-Service Bl

Most Bl tools are just that, graphical representations of your data. But what about the transactional data in your system? Are multiple tools really the answer to the problem? What if you could get the visualizations your management needs, plus the transactional reporting your end users depend on in a single tool?

With SplashBI, you can get both! We have built out a comprehensive reporting module that allows users to easily run, modify, and create their own reports and dashboards. Have data from multiple sources? Combine it into a single report within the Splash Bl tool rather than manually through Excel. Additional features in the solution include:

  • Multiple Output Formats: PDF, HTML, Excel, & more
  • Ad Hoc Functionality
  • In Memory Reporting
  • Active Directory Support
  • Scheduling
  • Distribution¬†¬† ¬†
  • Combine Data from Different Sources (Data Mashup)
  • Connectors for EBS, Taleo, PeopleSoft, and more!
  • Tablet, Mobile, Desktop
  • Microsoft Excel Front End
  • Interactive Dashboards

Build and Ad Hoc Reports

Reports are the cornerstone to an effective data strategy, but with most reporting solutions, it isn't something users can do themselves. With SplashBI, creating and modifying reports is as simple as drag and drop. Now, there is no need to pull in IT or have advanced SQL knowledge. The power is in the hands of the users!

  • Drag and Drop
  • Add, remove, and reorder columns
  • Aggregate data
  • Setup distributions
  • Modify and add pivot tables
  • Change column properties


Splash Bl Dashboards allow users to track metrics, trends, KPls, and other key data points in order to improve analysis and decision making. They allow customized combinations of charts to visually represent trends and anomalies. SplashBI has many features and functionalities to produce informative dashboards, including:

  • Easy drilldown on charts into report
  • More than 100 types of visualizations
  • Export as PDFs
  • Distribute Dashboards via email and FTP
  • Multi-tabular Dashboards & Charts
  • 100% Web Based- No desktop install

SplashBI for Excel

With SplashBl's Excel Connect, users can run the reports, format and analyze, and add pivots and graphs. Easily refresh your reports as often as needed and retain all of the formatting, so that there is no need to recreate the effort!

  • Reports in Excel with full Ad Hoc Capability
  • Create graphs and pivots on your data
  • Refresh your data whenever you need
  • Schedule and Distribute
  • Drilldown Functionality
  • Create new reports as needed

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