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Swimage Windows Migrations

6e Technologies can help your organization in the migrating, upgrading, and refreshment of your end user machines with the deployment of SWIMAGE. We couple our expertise in end user support with SWIMAGE to automate all migration and deployment processes to make your migration easier, more efficient and eliminate risk – turning migrations from a technical task to an administrative and logistics task. SWIMAGE is an automated zero- and light-touch solution that eliminates the need for writing scripts and manually having to touch your systems for migrations, upgrades, and refreshes. The ability to upgrade operating systems, change user machines, and correct user errors with a push of a button.

Use cases:

  • Upgrading to a new operating system:  Quickly go from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • On-going desktop lifecycle support: Perform one-off reimaging remotely in an hour or less
  • Refresh: Use SWIMAGE to easily transfer all data and user information from one machine to a new one

SWIMAGE reduces the number of people required to handle these tasks. We have successfully taken a 5,000 seat migration with systems located in 49 countries and 200+ locations using three personnel.

SWIMAGE takes care of all user state migrations guaranteeing no user data or file loss, no data transfer to network drives, re-imaging encrypted machines while encrypted, allowing remote users to easily self-migrate, and eliminate all traces of malware or viruses.

As part of your on-going desktop lifecycle support, SWIMAGE enables your help desk to handle one-off reimaging remotely – reimaging systems in an hour or less, saving time and ensuring your end users ability to keep working. 

SWIMAGE can also be used to build out refresh systems, pre-staging them to transfer data and user state information from current systems through the use of a SWIMAGE thumb drive and cross over or Ethernet cable – all you need to do is bring the new machine, place it next to the old machine, insert the SWIMAGE thumb drive and connect the cable between the two machines.  Click a couple of keys and SWIMAGE takes care of the rest building out the new machine in less than two hours.

SWIMAGE will enable you to reimage, migrate, and deploy 100s to 1,000s of systems a day.

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